Who We Are

A 4th Generation Family Owned Food Distributor

  Badger Wholesale Foodservice first started as a family grocer over 100 years ago. The original Callahan Grocers business building still stands, which was located on the 1200 Block of East Walnut in Green Bay, WI. By 1925 Callahan Grocers had two locations; one store was located on Shawano Ave and the other on the west side of Green Bay across from West High School. In 1945, Al Callahan was joined by his son, Robert.  The Callahan family expanded into the wholesale business in 1950. At this time, they bought Valley Distributing, and then moved the food wholesaler to Green Bay. This is when the Badger Wholesale name came to be.

  By 1955, Badger Wholesale grew out of its Morrow Street location and moved to 1111 Cedar Street (current location). In 1960, Badger Wholesale built its first freezer to sell frozen items.  Along the way, Badger Wholesale acquired Bowl of Red Chili Mix, “The Original Chili Company” which is made in the warehouse at Badger

  The Cash and Carry (Outlet Store) at Badger Wholesale started in 1972. In 2014 Badger Wholesale Foods grew into its current capacity by significantly increasing their freezer size. The same year, Badger Wholesale revamped the Cash and Carry with a fresh remodel. With the thousands of customers we service in Eastern Wisconsin and parts of Upper Michigan, 2019 brings a bright horizon for Badger and its customers! Even though our business has changed over the years, our mission has remained the same: to serve our customer, large and small, through a wide range of services and quality products.

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